A lot of things in life do not come too easy

dog sledWe have to find out the route ourselves. The same is the case with happiness, while I find mine in traveling yours could lie in something else!

I have been to many places by now; tripping is not too unusual to me. This is why a lot of my preparation goes half planned and half unplanned. It’s not that I do not take care of the required things and expenses that would be coming in my in advance; something or the other is sure to get left uncovered.

There is sufficient time between my two trips, usually 5-6 months. I use this time to find new and exciting places that I can visit in coming weather. Further, I have to plan a schedule to work out my upcoming projects. There is not much of anything that I seek entertainment from in my daily life. Traveling is one of the best escapes for me from this boredom. So, I dedicatedly save some of my salary portion to cover up the financial requirements of my hobby. In addition to it, I like clicking pictures of beautiful scenes throughout my journey at different places. And as soon as I return from any trip the next thing I do is post all my best clicks on my social handles that really get loads of appreciation. A lot of people often are keen and excited by my trips and I am glad that I give them some tips to wander away from their busy city lives. And trust me, returning back to work is not a pain after traveling. It really boosts your energy and rejuvenates the senses for next coming months.

And just like I mentioned above that there are few arrangements like last minute bookings, buying extra stuff or food that sprang up a day or two before when I begin to pack my bags. And there is often a need to arrange quick cash to fulfill these traveling expenses. The same shortage of funds arrived during my last escapade, a dog sled tour. It was one of the experiences I was longing for since months and the moment had actually come when things got together and I managed to plan out whatever was required. Keeping in view that I would be driving through high chilly weather along seven or eight huskies, I had to buy a pair of long boots, a warm jacket because I had forgot my older one at my friends place who lived far from the city in outskirts and sort booking expenses.

So, this was when I could not reach anyone to ask money from. And I decided to search about online loans on internet that range from 500$ to 1000$. A loan was not a new word for me; some of my friends are used to of relying on payday loans for prompt needs. For those who do not know what they actually are, according to ConsumerFinance.gov they are also known as payday loan, which is a short term amount that you can borrow with minimal documentation and formalities. Like any other credit it has to be paid at a specific due date with interest charge. This is what they call it is a formal tone; generally these loans have to be repaid within 14 to 30 days of time span. That means whenever you receive the next pay check. The repayment tenure can be worked out by mutual agreement of the applicant with the lender. The interaction involved in issuing such loan is pretty informal and flexible in nature.

To my glad the process was quite simple; I filled out some of the basic information like my credentials and few sensitive data asking my bank account number etc. The amount I selected was 500$ to be on a safer side, it was enough for my current need. The site on which I was applying for the loan showed that there would be a response very soon. And to my surprise it took only minutes that I got a reply from the company on the number I had put in while filling the application that my loan was approved and the name of the lender was also mentioned. And what next, bam, I got the funds deposited in my bank account. The experience was quite simple taking into account that they had absolutely no issue with where I was going to spend that, money, if it was to pay my bills, to buy grocery or for a vacation with huskies. I would like to mention that I had mere idea about where to apply and what is the procedure. So, I went through some of the sites and all of them had somewhat similar criterion to provide the borrower with cash. ​

If I sum them up, these are the major things looked after while considering a candidate for the loan eligibility:

The borrowers have to be legal citizens of the US. They should be either above 18 years of age or equal to it. They should be employed or have some source of income (you get a payday loan on the behalf of the salary slip). Other important documentation and bank account (specific to the lender’s criterion) must be there.

Almost everyone can apply for a loan. Yes, this means a person having bad credit history can also apply for this loan (meanwhile you should read some great tips on how to improve it). Many companies do not go through a credit search before lending. Just as in my case, I had applied for the loan of 500$ on behalf of my pay slip. Given the constraint that the payday loans have to be issued real fast, there is hardly any verification done on the applicant. The proof submitted by him serves as the only promise of receiving back the funds on the payday.

The loan providing companies are friendly to the inquiries, they are available via chat or call to respond various customer related issues. In my personal attempt, the best part was that no one was concerned about the reason I behind me asking for the money. It actually worked more smoothly than I expected.